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Accutane (Isotretinoin)

New face with Accutane

This medicine was created for people with skin problems such as acne. Not all antibiotics can solve skin problems so Accunate will help you to get rid of acne once and forever.
Pills contain a huge amount of vitamin A which lessens the quantity of oil produced by your oil glands; consequently, it helps your skin to regenerate faster. It will take you four or five months to make your face clear and forget about acne. This medicine is intended to cure serious acne problems which other medicines failed to cope with. Having a lot of side effect Accutane is known as effective and proved medicine experienced by millions of people.

Ask your doctor if you really need Accutane.

You can take Accunate only when you are under the program called iPLDGE. It means that you should register in this program and understand the risk which you take while taking Accunate. If you have ever had allergy reactions to vitamin A it is forbidden for you to take this medicine.
Before going to your doctor try to remember if you have or had such diseases as:

  • problems with heart;
  • difficulties with urination;
  • diabetes;
  • problems with breathing;
  • liver disease;
  • bulimia or anorexia;
  • pancreatitis;
  • allergic reaction to some medicines;
  • pregnancy ;
  • mental problems;
  • or if any of you relatives ever had mental illnesses;
  • problems with bones, etc.
Your doctor should know all this information to make the right prescription.
Never take Accutane during the pregnancy period or while you are feeding your baby.
Scientists warn that even one pill of Accutane can damage your child's lip, nose, heart, bones and other organs. Don't risk!

Women be ready!

Before started to take the prescribed medicine you should do a pregnancy test which will show you negative result. Only in this case you can start taking Accutane. To secure yourself from becoming infertile or have problems with getting pregnant you should use birth control. It contains tied tubes; hormonal injections or pills; using of latex condom; vaginal sponge with spermicide, etc.
Your doctor has to explain you the main form of birth control you will have to follow.

Don't overdose.

Not to overdose Accutane you should strictly follow the prescription given by your doctor. Take capsule with a glass of water and swallow it quickly to avoid melting in your mouth or food pipe. Try not to sit down or lay down 10 minutes after taking the pill. Taking it with food will accelerate its absorption in your blood.
First results may disappoint you because your acne may get worse but then you will be impressed by the result because your acne will start to disappear. When missing the doze just take another capsule when it is time for the next dozen, don't take double doze to fill in the missed doze. But if you have already overdosed you should ask for medical help. Main symptoms of overdosing are headaches; loss of consciousness; spewing; increasing of the size of your lips and tongue, etc.

Side effects. How to lessen them.

There is a list of side effects which are rather common among people who take Accutane and there are some methods how to make these effects not some noticeable:

  • chapping of your lips :Vaseline or hygienical lipstick will help you to moisten your lips;
  • dry skin, dry skin around the nose: moisture day and night creams;
  • frequent weak nosebleeds: medicines, ask your doctor about its interaction with Accutane;
  • problems with eyes; red eyes and dry skin around eyes;
  • headaches;
  • problems with sleeping;
  • depression;
  • hair loss;
  • ringing in your ears, problems with hearing;
  • dark urine, etc.
Another rather serious side effect is problem with liver which can appear while taking this medicine. So to avoid it you can do a lot of blood tests regularly. If you follow this advice the risk of getting problems with your liver will be insignificant.